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Cyber Security

Free Cyber Securtiy Assessments

Small Businesses make up the majority of cyber attacks – dont let your business fal victim to hackers. Our Free Assessments will let you know exatly what is at risk in your network.

Compliance and Data Integrity

Cyber security is on every IT decision-maker’s mind. At RJG Group, we take the security of our clients’ networks and data seriously. We offer a range of services to help reduce the risk of unwanted activity on our clients’ systems. Our approach to cyber security starts before the malicious activity touches a network. We manage next-generation firewalls with intrusion prevention as well as make sure our endpoint security products are up to date to fight the latest security threats. RJG can also help your business meet strict compliance standards both on premises and in our cloud environment.

Complete Application Security

Business owners today are concerned with making sure the applications responsible for production in their workflow are safe from malicious intent. In order to ensure this safety, RJG Group takes a systematic approach to security that starts with our EMS system securing the endpoints of your network, is followed by securing your network with the use of managed firewalls, and finishes by securing your content with state-of-the art encryption, deep level packet inspection, and reliable backups. In this fashion we can ensure your application will be as safe as possible at every layer of possible vulnerability

Managed Network & Firewall

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Compliance Standards

Each organization within different verticals has a compliance standard that needs to be met. Audits can cost thousands; however, RJG Group can help you prepare and meet your compliance standard by providing reporting and procedures for all different types of security compliance. We can even assist with your business continuity planning so you can achieve those hard to reach RPO/RTO times. We can assist with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC, and other standards. Whether you are looking to recover from a failed audit, crunched for time on a pending self-assessment, or just preparing for the next round of security audits, RJG is ready with the knowledge of the latest standards to help your business pass inspection.