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Hybrid Cloud – Next Gen

Our hybrid cloud approach is the solution for today’s evolving technology challenges. Many people ask us what exactly “hybrid cloud” is and why they would need it. In short, “hybrid cloud” isn’t a singular product. It is a methodology for solving problems in the landscape of evolving technology.

Cloud technologies do hold some advantages over on-premises solutions. While some applications may be a perfect fit for public cloud platforms like Azure or Google Cloud, other applications and cloud solutions may need to remain onsite or be replicated in a more secure and controlled environment. At RJG Group, we help our clients design the correct hybrid cloud solutions that fit the needs of their business, creating a technological ecosystem to better embolden your business.


Our Managed IT services as well as managed cloud service is built inside Tier 3 data centers located in New York. Our clients also take advantage of our geo-redundant locations and backups located across the United States. Your data will never be overseas, ensuring it is kept safe and secure.

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